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Monique O'Grady for Arlington School Board


Your engaging personality, your impressive intellect and your proven commitment to your family and to our community's public education would make you an invaluable leader within a school system that is unfailingly dedicated to setting a standard of academic excellence for every student regardless of the socioeconomic conditions that might otherwise define their potential.

Your willingness to reach out and embrace each family that entrusts their child's development to Arlington's School System makes me confident and excited that Arlington's schools are going to continue to build upon their exceptional successes and ensure that our best days are still ahead of us.

Jim Moran

Former U.S. Representative for Virginia's 8th Congressional District in Northern Virginia

Monique is a 25-year Arlington resident with a history of leadership in the schools and for the Arlington community at large. We need to continue Arlington’s tradition of good governance with School Board members who will partner with the broader Arlington community to find commonsense solutions that use tax dollars wisely. Having Monique at the table will be an asset for all of Arlington.

Hon. Ingrid Morroy

Commissioner of Revenue

I am putting my support behind Monique O’Grady for School Board. Monique has been a responsible and effective community leader and is uniquely qualified to tackle the challenges that APS faces as our next School Board member. As an APS parent for 19 years, a member of the Strategic Planning Committee, 2016 Bond Campaign co-chair, and member of Arlington County's Arts Commission, Monique has the experience needed to ensure that APS continues to provide a high-quality education for every child.  She listens, does her homework, and has sound judgment.  Monique has been a responsible and effective community leader and is uniquely qualified to tackle the challenges that APS faces as our next School Board member.

Abby Raphael

Former Arlington School Board Member 2008-2015 (two terms as Chair), Co-Chair of Arlington’s Project Peace Prevention Committee, Member Board of the Arlington YMCA, Member Second Chance Advisory Committee, Former Arlington Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney

I had a chance to sit down and speak with Monique O’Grady, who I’ve found to be highly impressive, and who I’ve decided to endorse enthusiastically.  Monique O’Grady is broadly knowledgeable and intensely passionate about the Arlington public schools. She would make a great addition to the School Board, I’m proud to endorse her and I encourage everyone to vote for her on May 9, 11 and 13!

Read Lowell's full endorsement


Lowell Feld

Blue Virginia Founder/Editor

Monique brings some fresh perspective, through her many years of advocacy, service, and commitment to Arlington Public Schools. As a parent of two children at Arlington Science Focus School, I have seen first hand the role that diversity plays in the classroom. Today, my daughter attended a field trip to the National Museum of American History. Her group of 7 classmates represented 6 different countries, all enjoying a morning celebrating American history. Monique knows the importance of diversity across our schools, as it provides our children with the ability to be more successful in a multi-cultural work environment.

For almost two decades, Monique has worked hard for APS behind the scenes, including as co-chair of the successful 2016 School Bond Campaign. She was appointed by the School Board to serve on the Strategic Planning Committee and to committees addressing siting of new schools and adjusting boundaries. She also served on the Arlington Arts Commission and has worked with the Rosslyn BID, bringing an understanding of both schools and County issues.


Read Aneesh's full endorsement


Aneesh Chopra

Former Secretary of Technology for Governor Tim Kaine, and the nation's first Chief Technology Officer (under President Barack Obama)

Monique does her homework. She's always prepared. She listens and she wants everyone to succeed. That's what makes her an effective advocate and it's why we need her on the School Board.

Jason Rylander

Former Chair APS Facilities Advisory Council, 2012 School Bond Co-Chair

As we enter challenging times in our schools, I believe Monique brings fresh thinking and can contribute significantly to forging innovative responses that will work for all our students. I have observed first hand her ability to work well with a range of viewpoints and find common ground. I know that she cares deeply about all our students and that she has the insight and skills to help develop solutions that will give them the highest quality educational opportunities.

Carol Fontein

Longtime Arlingtonian, local activist

 I support Monique O'Grady for Arlington School Board. Her knowledge, values, integrity, involvement and understanding of our school system and diverse community through the years will be a tremendous asset in Arlington.

Wanda Báez

Monique's experience and understanding of the issues and challenges facing APS and Arlington County are obvious.I have seen personally her ability to truly listen to the needs of respective school communities and work to develop strategies to address them. I have served on the South Arlington Working Group (SAWG) and have shared coffees and ad hoc get togethers to talk about APS needs and opportunities. Simply put, she gets it and would make an excellent addition to the school board. 

Jennifer Davies

Former PTA President Abingdon Elementary School and Chair of Abingdon's Building Level Planning Committee (BLPC)

Monique is thoughtful, dedicated, and, when it comes to formulating and implementing education policy and strategy, always first thinks of the betterment of our youth and the community as a whole.

Terron Sims, II

Chairman, Superintendent's Committee to Eliminate the Achievement Gap

He conocido a Monique O'Grady desde hace más de 10 años. Sigo admirando el trabajo duro que ella hace y la creatividad que tiene ya que ha abogado por los niños y las artes de nuestro comunidad. 

Manuel Vicens Miranda

APS Parent for 11 years

Our family of 6 moved here from CA from one strong academic community to yet another strong academic community, but we mainly moved here for its Spanish Immersion program, its diversity and many of its enrichment activities! What I love about Monique's 19 year track record in Arlington Public Schools is that she understands the challenges surrounding the areas my 4 kids track in, for instance, Montessori, Spanish Immersion, and now the pre and full IB program, not to forget so many other areas within APS! She gets it and she's proven to be a fighter on many topics that may not sit well with her. In a time where the country and local community can be so divided, she knows how to collaborate with many different types of people to get results whether it's capacity, special needs or other issues that come her way! She currently has bi-partisan supporters and with her knowledge, vision and energy, I truly believe she will be an effective leader to serve our students, parents and teachers alike, someone we can definitely feel proud to stand behind! Excited for the potential of a Fresh outlook to APS!

Christine Carbonel Schaubach

I am excited to endorse Monique O'Grady for Arlington School Board. Monique has consistently impressed me as someone who thinks very thoughtfully about the problems that face APS, such as our growth, student stress, and the lack of diversity in many APS schools. Monique has demonstrated to me that she will be a strong advocate for students and will continue to think thoughtfully about the issues facing APS.​​  I hope that you will all join me in supporting Monique O'Grady in the School Board Caucuses on May 9th, 11th, and 13th!

Graham Weinschenk

Secretary at Virginia Young Democrats, Former Committee Member at VA 8th Congressional District, Democratic Committee Former Central Committee Member at Democratic Party of Virginia

Over the 17 years Monique was a Drew parent she put forth tireless effort for students and continues to do so serving on the Drew School Advisory Committee. After serving on the South Arlington Working Group she remains engaged with the future of Drew, the new Montessori school, and the new elementary school at the Thomas Jefferson site. Her dedication to students is clear and she will be an excellent school board member.  

Wendy Dean

Drew Model School PTA President

I’ve lived in Arlington for about 30 years, but my family’s been living here for about 5 generations.  I’ve known Monique for over 20 years.  We first met when our two older daughters were at library story hour together, when they were about two.  We’ve worked together at Drew Model School, where all our kids went.  I’ve seen Monique advocate tirelessly for students.  She is the kind of person who will go after what needs to be done.  When we were at the PTA at Drew, I saw her joining committees and starting programs.  She is a go-getter.  She is somebody that I would love to have represent our students because she will go out and do things that need to get done for the benefit of all students in Arlington.  I think that you could not ask for a better person to be on the school board than Monique O’Grady.​

Cathleen Drew

We are impressed with Monique's knowledge, years of service to Arlington schools and students, her ability to think creatively and look for innovative solutions and her commitment to really listening to all sides.

Nancy Striniste & Jim Chung

Apoyo a Monique por qué compartimos los mismos valores en nuestra fe, familia y en como ayudar a la comunidad. Ella quiere escuchar a TODOS los padres y estudiantes. Monique trabajará en fortalecer el programa de inmersión en español para que todos los estudiantes alcancen su máximo potencial.

I'm supporting Monique because we share the same values of faith, family and helping our community. She wants to listen to ALL parents and students. Monique will work to strengthen the Spanish Immersion program to help students reach their full potential. ​

Lyzbeth Monard 

President-Elect Claremont PTA, Our Lady Queen of Peace Volunteer 

I've known Monique for over 18 years, through parent support of Montessori programs in Arlington. Later our daughters became good friends through the great choral and theater programs at Washington-Lee High School, where we worked together as theater boosters. Monique has been a tireless and enthusiastic supporter of a number of school programs, including Montessori, that effectively reach students of all backgrounds while also enhancing academic excellence. She understands the importance of maintaining and growing robust programs in the arts in our schools and has sought to garner support for these programs, while expanding accessibility to all students and county residents.


The best thing about Monique is that she has boundless energy and one of the most positive, can-do attitudes I have ever had the pleasure to work with through school volunteering. She's a consensus builder and knows how to listen, and she always does her homework so that she is prepared to defend what she is advocating. She would be an exceptional addition to the Arlington School Board!

Mary Yuhas

Over the the past 17 years I have come to recognize Monique as a passionate but rational advocate for the causes she believes in. She is an incredible communicator and facilitator and is skilled at bringing people together. Above all, what strikes me most about Monique is that she is a listener who is always ready to hear your point of view. We need people like Monique to advocate for our children.

Chris Perera

Former APS educator, current director of Metta Montessori School

My family' has been in Arlington since the late 1800s, and I was born and raised here. My great-great grandmother lived free here in Arlington most of her adult life.  It was in 1950s that my grandfather Dr. Harold Johnson with the NAACP and other families in Arlington worked hard to integrate APS. My mother and my aunt were denied admission to Washington-Lee High School because they were African American.

So in my mind there is no question that the school board is important. I think all Arlingtonians should not lose sight of the power and the importance the school board has in our community.  I know Monique to be a thoughtful, intellectual person who is able to articulate some of the most difficult concepts to a large group of people. She's an effective communicator, but more importantly she's a tireless advocate for our children. I've worked with Monique in in many different areas, involving our schools,  involving classrooms, involving clubs. She is always the person who stays the latest, works the hardest and and never loses sight why we're all here - and that is to advocate for our children.  So in my mind, Monique has distinguished herself as the best in all of this field of candidates. I hope everyone agrees with me and supports her in May.

Karen Monaco

APS Parent, PTA Executive Committee Drew Model School

Monique will make an excellent School Board Member. I've known Monique for years through OLQP church. She is engaged, and always involved in Church and Social justice activities, and her energy, attitude and commitment to our school age children is unparalleled. She's got my vote!

Libby McNulty

I'm a lifelong Arlingtonian, and I've certainly had experience with the schools in the county... as a student, a volunteer, an employee and as a parent of five sons. Monique seems to share my values. She stands for respecting diversity and having academics as a priority. Yes, academics are what schools are for, but we should also make sure that we also are in a position to learn from each other by making the most of our diverse population in the county. Our schools should reflect this, all schools should reflect this. Our boundaries should be drawn with this is a factor. It's common sense that the more we know each other across ethnic, linguistic, religious, cultural boundaries, the more we'll learn and be at home in the world at large.This was true for my sons, most certainly. South Arlington should be viewed as a strength that we can all enjoy here. Whether it's at Drew, at Patrick Henry, at Barcroft (my local school), we can all benefit from the best in academics and respect for each other.

Joan Trumpauer Mulholland

Civil rights activist and a Freedom Rider

I've had the pleasure of working together with Monique over the course of many years as an advocate to bring your children the best educational experience they deserved. Seeing, firsthand, her devotion to the causes she champions is why I put my support behind Monique O' Grady for School Board. Her years of service and dedication to the families of Arlington County speak volumes about her sincerity to make good on the promises she has made. Elect Monique O'Grady to the School Board and you will be making the best decision for your children.

Kia Haynes

Drew Model School PTA Executive Committee, H-B Woodlawn PAC, APS Honored Citizen for 2017

Monique O’Grady es una luchadora incansable y defensora de la calidad educativa que nos distingue a nivel nacional. Su perspectiva como madre de 3 estudiante de APS, más su activismo en varias juntas a nivel escolar, serían sumamente beneficiosos para Arlington. Ella trae una perspectiva innovadora y sabe lo que funciona en el sistema escolar y lo que hay que cambiar. Los años que los hijos de Monique han tenido en el sistema, le han brindado la oportunidad de envolverse como voluntaria. Ella sabe que una educación de primera calidad es la fundación para un mejor futuro. Monique es vivo ejemplo de lo que nos enorgullece de ser parte de la comunidad de Arlington. Una comunidad diversa en donde nuestros hijos tienen la oportunidad de realizar sus metas. Monique seguirá luchando para preservar la educación de primera calidad que tenemos e incorporará soluciones innovadoras que nos mantendrá a la vanguardia. 

In the 15 years, I've known Monique, she has always worked non stop to improve the quality of our community.   Her dedication goes beyond civics or boundaries. You'll find her volunteering in church, and collaborating with other parents to improve protocols in schools. If you want to get things done, she is the person to call.

Jessica Rodríguez

For as long as I've known her, Monique has always been a dynamic and forward thinking community advocate. She listens well, evaluates situations thoroughly and gives her all on every assignment. When presented with a challenge, Monique is thoughtful and considers what's best for ALL parties involved. Always striving for a creative and sustainable solution, she extracts the best from each viable possibility then blends ideas to reveal a sustainable solution.

Melissa Hinkson

APS Parent, Educator and 2010 APS School Bond Co-Chair

I am proud to support Monique O'Grady for school board. Monique is a tireless advocate for Arlington kids. I have worked with her for many years on school issues and she has a unique capability to bring disparate groups together to find common goals.

Cindy Bare

We love Monique's energy, enthusiasm, dedication, intelligence, warmth, and integrity!

Ron Bookbinder & James Fisher

I just love Monique because she’s always ready to put in the time it takes to make Arlington the best landscape to learn and grow. She takes a progressive, “why not?” approach to how we do things in Arlington. She helps wherever she can to make an impact and uses her incredible talents in communication and awareness to do it. She puts people and their ideas together creating win-win scenarios for everyone.

Lola Lombard

Owner of Lola’s Laboratory, LLC, A Children’s Arts Education Program; Arlington Arts Commissioner 2013-2017

I've known Monique for years. She's extremely well informed and experienced. She's smart, pragmatic, and creative. She's committed to Arlington and Arlington kids. I can't imagine a better candidate.

Mike O'Malley

In the 10 years we've known her, Monique has demonstrated a tireless commitment to making first-rate educational opportunities available to all Arlington students, and developing creative ideas to solve complex problems. She has boundless energy and a personal commitment to hearing all opinions and finding mutually beneficial resolutions. With her vast knowledge of the Arlington school system and its multitude of programs, budget implications, and the wants and needs of all the various sectors of the school system, she is striving for solutions that will meet the needs of current and future students, parents and all county residents. Thank you, Monique, for running for school board

Joanne Petty

Monique works smart and hard, insisting that APS be all it can be for our students and educators. I've worked closely with Monique for over a decade and have witnessed her great capacity to listen, understand, offer creative solutions, and chart the way forward. She is deeply community-minded, sensitive to neighborhood issues, and a terrific strategic thinker.  I've long wished to see her serve on our School Board.

Kathleen Trainor

Arlington Montessori Action Committee (AMAC) President 2013-1016, APS Montessori Steering Committee

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Ron Bookbinder & James Fisher

Katie Boone

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