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Monique O'Grady for Arlington School Board



January 17, 2021


I write this message with a heavy heart and want to share that after much thought, consultation with my family, and careful consideration, I have decided not to seek reelection to the Arlington School Board. 


I feel strongly that I need to focus my last year on the school board, and more importantly my last six months as chair, dedicating my time and energy to working with my colleagues and our stellar superintendent, Dr. Durán, to reopen schools as safely as possible. We must return Arlington Public Schools to the strongest and safest new normal that can be achieved as we continue to mitigate the volatile pandemic. This will require my full and undivided attention.  


We find ourselves in unprecedented times. Our health and safety have been affected by a global pandemic and political unrest. These turbulent times have also caused us to deeply examine systemic racism in our society and the impact it has had in many of our institutions, including our schools. This has caused our community to reexamine what we hold dear, who we are, and where we need to be for a better future for our students. 


We are taking actions to support our students' educational progress and mental health, advance equity, and make sure we choose the safest option for moving forward as the Coronavirus continues to impact our daily lives. 


Under a different time in history, I would not hesitate to seek re-election, because I believe strongly in public service, experience, and institutional knowledge. I would want nothing more than to continue to work with our phenomenal superintendent. However, I need to focus my attention on leading and working with my colleagues and supporting Dr. Durán on returning to in-person learning as safely as possible and pushing forward our equity work. This is especially important as we continue to address the impact that the pandemic has had on all our students, and in particular on those who our data shows are not progressing as well with distance learning. 


As an elected member of the Arlington School Board and a parent who has dedicated 22 years to Arlington Public Schools, I will continue to firmly pursue progress in our school system and to work for a better future for all of our students throughout my term, which ends on December 31, 2021.  




Monique O’Grady 


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